1. Click on the Calendar room in question
  2. On the right side, select ALS/Nash Room Reservation
  3. Fill in:
    1. Title: eg., MHT 503
    2. Contact: Your Name
    3. Room: Select the Room you want
    4. Date: Calendar will pop up; highlight date
    5. Time: Fill in the time in 24 hour format: Eg 2 pm is 14:00
    6. Refill in date and time for the end of reservation
  4. You may select REPEAT if your reservation will be every week, etc.
  5. Hit Save

At this point, your reservation is not final; A moderator will verify your reservation, look for conflicts, and PUBLISH your reservation if it is okay.
Your reservations will then show up on the calendar when you return to we.science.oregonstate.edu